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AEB Quality Railway Publications since 2002
AEB was formed in 2002 as a result of talking to other enthusiasts and listening to their requirements.From the general comments we received back, most enthusiasts were looking for a plain and simple spotting book they could carry around with them on their travels,with not too much technical jargon and photographs in it. With this in mind we set about how to accomplish these publications for the everyday rail enthusiasts at an affordable and realistic price. We started producing books in 2002, and our first attempt was a laminated cover with the inside pages stapled. So in 2004 we changed to perfect binding, which was laminated cover with the inside pages glued. But even this did not seem robust enough for some of our customers, so once again we listened to their comments and in 2005 we changed yet again to hopefully what is a more professional and robust book. It is now still a laminated cover but the inside pages are now stitched, glued, and bound, giving what we hope a book that will last the rigours and treatment of everyday use. Whilst we strive to produce a professional and affordable publication the best way we can, please feel free to contact us with any reasonable and constructive criticism you may wish to add, to improve the quality of our publications. In 2016 due to customer enquiries we trialed a Spiral Bound version for those customers who prefer this type of book. Due to the popularity and feedback from the trial we have now decided that all future publications will be in the SPIRAL BOUND VERSIONS.
DB Cargo 187 123 Looking absolutely immaculate, heads an intermodal train through Harburg Station (Hamburg) on route to the docks 18th August 2017 Photo: copyright & courtesy of Kevin Wood